Structural Engineering

By July 5, 2016

We pride ourselves on our innovative designs and our ability to achieve cost saving solutions for our clients. Our experiences reach across all building sectors ranging from simple residential homes to multi-storey commercial buildings utilizing all forms of construction materials.

Our  services include:

  • Structural Analysis and Design
    • Foundation design
    • Floor and roof framing
    • Post-tension slab design
    • Beam analysis
    • Wind load analysis
    • Roof truss design and modifications
    • Earth retention structures
  • Structural Design Review
    • Pre-construction third party design reviews of projects for developers, lenders and prospective purchasers for the purpose of searching for characteristics that may result in failure of some component, such as water intrusion, structural over-stress or excessive maintenance costs.
  • Rehabilitation/Renovation Design
    • We undertake the rehabilitation and/or renovation of existing structures for the purposes of the expansion and upgrade of facilities, and the extension of their safe and useful life span.
  • Inspection and Reports for Existing Structures
    • Detailed survey of the existing structure conducted and consideration of alternatives to optimize current and future changes in the building’s use.