Resorts & Commercial

Kittitian Hill Resort Development
St. Kitts & Nevis, W. I.
Kittitian Hill is a 400 acres sustainable resort development on the island of St. Kitts. The resort is composed of various structures including a 5-star luxury hotel, multiple guesthouses, farmhouses and villas condominium apartments, a spa and golf course.  As consultants for this resort development ACL’s role was to provide of civil infrastructure designs for the domestic water supply, sanitary waste systems and storm water drainage. We were also contacted to provide structural engineering designs for three of the resort’s standalone, multistory restaurants, the villas and cottages.

Koi Resort & Residences
St. Kitts & Nevis, W. I.
Koi Resort & Residences is 14 acre, 5-star resort development on the island of St. Kitts.The resort, upon completion, will boast multiple multi-level accommodation blocks, beach and pool villas, a multi-level private pavilion, restaurant, spa and back of house facilities.
As consultants on this resort development, ACL's provided civil infrastructure designs for the overall site and structural engineering designs for the 5 storey accommodation blocks A & B, the multi-levelled back of house and the private pavilion utilizing either a pile or strip foundation, post-tension on grade and suspended slabs, and speedfloor light gauge steel floors.

Heldon's Estate Hotel & Residences
St. Kitts & Nevis, W. I.
Heldon Estate is a 20 acre hotel development located on the island of St. Kitts. The development is made up of 8 multi-level residence blocks, 20 double-storey villas, a clubhouse and 3 swimming pools positioned along beachfront and hillside property.
As consultants on this hotel development ACL's provided engineering design review, and redesign where necessary, of all existing civil infrastructure drawings for the overall site; structural engineering design for the multistory accommodation blocks; and civil/structural engineering design for current and future planned project phases.

The Landings Resort & Spa
St. Lucia, W. I.
The Landing is an award winning luxury resort and private yacht marina located on 19 acres of beachfront property. In 2005 the resort was awarded the Bentley International Property Award for Design: taking home the 5-star award for "Best Marina Development in the World" and "Best Development in the Caribbean".
Our work on this project included the earthworks engineering for the design and construction of the marina; civil infrastructure design for the domestic water supply and storage, sanitary and storm water removal systems, roadways and pedestrian walkways, civil structures; and structural engineering design for the swimming pools.

Freedom Bay Resort
St. Lucia, W. I.
Designed on over 2400 lineal feet of beach frontage, this 26 hectares luxury eco-resort includes 75 one and two bedroom villas and a village-like resort compound that houses the main facilities. 

Amarna was involved in the implementation of the new villas included in Phase 2 as well as the design of the interior roads and pathways into the hotel. We also undertook the design of different retaining walls and conducted a Value Engineering exercise of the foundation design for the villas. Finally, Amarna lead the structural design process of the main building and adjacent areas of the hotel, including retaining structures, pool, restaurant and bar.

The Habour at Rodney Bay
St. Lucia, W. I.
The Habour is water-front townhouse development located on the Rodney Bay Marina. The 3 storey, multi-unit townhouses were constructed using a reinforced concrete beam and column frame, traditional reinforced concrete slab on grade and suspended slab and timber roof.
As consultants on this project, ACL’s services included the structural design works for the building's foundation and superstructure, swimming pool and underground water tanks; the civil design works for the site drainage and mass earthworks; and the construction supervision works.

Jolly's Fond Cole Warehouse
Commonwealth of Dominica, W. I.
The Jolly’s Fond Cole Warehouse is a proposed commercial warehouse structure to be erected at Fond Cole, which is located on the outskirts of Roseau Dominica. The proposed 2-level structure includes warehouse and storage space for wholesale and retail sales on the ground floor. The first floor houses manufacturing, handling and packaging space in addition to administrative offices.
As Consultants on this project, ACL’s roles was to provide structural engineering designs for the overall structure. A steel frame structure was proposed along with speedfloor joist flooring system.

Jolly's Multi-Use Complex
Commonwealth of Dominica, W. I.
Jolly's Multi-Use Complex is a proposed commercial structure set to be erected in the heart of Roseau in Dominica. Currently the site of the complex is occupied by the ruin structure of its previous …. The proposed 5-level structure will house a basement level plunge pool and sauna, a ground floor level cosmetic store and spa, and upper level gym, doctor's office and rental space.
As consultants on this project, ACL’s role was to provide structural engineering design drawings for the overall structures. A reinforce concrete beam and column frame was utilized with this building, along with speedfloor joist flooring system.

Koi Administrative Building
St. Kitts & Nevis, W. I.
Koi Administration Building is the headquarters and administrative building for KOI Resort | Residence. The structure is a 2-storey building with a total area of 1,224 sq meters supported on a combination strip and pad footing with a reinforced concrete column and beam frame. The floor plan included a open layout, curved walls and an elevated ground floor level.
As consultants on this commercial building, ACL’s role included the production of structural engineering design drawings for this project and construction supervision.

Dominica Coconut Products (DCP) Rehabilitation Works
Commonwealth of Dominica, W. I
DCP, closed down operations in November 2015 after it was severely affected by flooding as a result of heavy rainfall associated with the passage of Tropical Storm Erika in August 2015. The nearby river overflowed its banks and inundated the premises, causing major damage to the property and sweeping equipment and products into the sea.
As sub-consultants on the project, ACL was responsibility for the producing engineering design drawings for the rehabilitation works to the site which included retaining wall and protective berm details, bridge details, security wall and gate details and septic tank details. 

NIC Financial Centre
St. Lucia, W. I.
Commissioned by St. Lucia National Insurance Corporation under the Built Operate Lease Transfer (BOLT) arrangement, this six (6) storey steel frame structure occupies a total floor area of 6541.7 square meters. Located on a 64,000 square foot lot at Pointe Seraphine, the centre is touted as what will be the greenest office building in St Lucia, built under guidelines from the US Green Building Council. ACL Trinidad was engaged as consultants on this project to provide structural engineering design drawings for the structure.

NDC Business Centre
St. Lucia, W. I.
The NDC Business Centre was a proposed 6-storey office building conceptualized by the St. Lucia National Development Corporation in 2010. We were contracted to provide the structural engineering design work to reflect the proposed conceptual building.