Public Facilities

Sir Novelle Richards Academy
Anitga & Barbuda, W. I.
Implemented by the Government of Antigua and Barbuda through the Ministry of Education, the overall objective of this project is to improve the education system by expansion of the school infrastructure and the modernization and rehabilitation of the aging plant to service the needs of all students.
As Consultant’s on this project, ACL’s role is to provide structural engineering design services for a new 2 storey science lab building inclusive of 4 specialized classroom spaces, storage and preparation spaces. Amarna also provided civil engineering design services inclusive of drainage and sanitation.

Development of Design Guidlines for Disaster-Resilient Schools in the OECS islands
In an effort to combat the impact of tropical cyclones and heavy rainfall against school facilities within the OECS territories, the OECS Commission has recognized the need for existing and future schools to meet a certain criteria to become disaster resilient. With this objective in mind, ACL was engaged to undertake the development of guidelines for the planning, design and construction of disaster-resilient schools throughout the OECS with particular focus on hurricanes (winds & floods) earthquakes, and tsunamis.

BNTF 7th Project – Ravine Poisson Public Facility Restoration
St. Lucia, W. I.
The Ravine Poisson Public Facility is a 50 year old facility consisting of toilets, showers and some laundry tubs. The condition of the facility was very poor and many of the amenities were non-functional. The deliverable for this sub-project was the complete renovation of the facility to better serve the needs of families in the community who are economically disadvantaged or lack sanitation facilities in the home. As Consultants on this project ACL’s role was to undertake the architectural, civil and structural design work; project management and construction supervision

Consultancy Services for the assessment of the OECS Community Colleges
The assessment of audio-visual requirements for ECIT and propose recommendations for retrofitting facilities earmarked for use as virtual classrooms under the NETHTE project, at ECIT partner institutions in Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Dominica, Montserrat, Saint Lucia and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.
As consultants on this project our role included the Assessment and reporting on the state of readiness of various spaces within college facilities planned for upgrading; the design layout for space utilization; and the preparation of bill of quantities for identified rehabilitation.

BNTF 5th Project – Ti Rocher Pre School
St. Lucia, W. I.
As part of a Grant Agreement to provide funding for the construction of a number of sub-projects, architectural and engineering design services, and technical inspection of construction services were required for the rehabilitation of the Ti Rocher Preschool. The works included the demolition of 1,115 sq ft of existing structure and the construction of a new 3,538 sq ft single floor structure and associate external works.
Our role would include overseeing the demolition of the existing structure; the construction of the new structure comprising of 3 classrooms, kitchen/lunch room, sick bay, administrator’s office, play areas, storage, toilet facilities and staff room; the construction of external works including concrete walkways and driveway; erection of 350 ft of composite (block/chain link) fencing and outdoor play equipment.

BNTF 6th Project – La Guerre Health Centre
St. Lucia, W. I.
The expansion of the La Guerre Health Center is a project aimed at improving the development of the La Guerre Community and providing them with a better level of health care by upgrading the existing health care facility from a level 1 to a level 2. The works included for this upgrade included the 
refurbishment of the existing building; the demolition of the existing roof and construction of a new; external works including landscaping, fencing, parking, drainage, and wheelchair access. As Consultants for this project ACL’s role was the provision of architectural and structural engineering design drawing, project management, and construction supervision services.

BNTF 5th Project – Cornerstone House
St. Lucia, W. I.
The Cornerstone House is a shelter for the homeless with the aim of providing the basic human needs of food, clothing and shelter. The building suffered from leaks and flooding problems during heavy rain fall; needed repair work to improve the living condition; and the need for a retaining wall to protect the centre against land slippage. As consultants on this project ACL’s role was to provide architectural and structural engineering design drawings for renovation works to address the rehabilitation needs of Cornerstone House, retrofitting of the home for the disable and elderly, external security and civil works for the building site, project management and construction supervision.