Structural Engineering

ACL pride ourselves on our high caliber of service, innovative designs and our potential to find cost saving solutions to any structural engineering problems. Our experiences reach across all building sectors ranging from simple residential homes to multi-storey buildings. We are versatile in multiple structural systems and materials including timber, reinforced concrete, masonry, post-tension, steel and light gauge steel. Continue Reading

Civil Engineering

ACL Civil Engineering teams provides services to both private and public sector clients. Our civil infrastructure design work has included earthworks for marine construction, engineered fill design for large scale site construction, road alignments design, bridge design, earth retaining structures, storm and waste water disposal systems, and water reticulation systems. Continue Reading

Value Engineering

ACL value engineering process aims to identify opportunities to remove unnecessary construction costs while assuring, and at times improving, the quality and reliability of the structure. Simply reducing cost at the expense of quality is not value engineering but merely cost cutting, instead we focuses on not only potential cost reduction, but on the improvement of design quality and the reduction of project timelines. We aim to obtain optimum value for each dollar spent. Continue Reading

Ground Investigation and Soil Sampling

ACL experts plan and execute detailed site investigation programs for the analysis of a site’s subsurface complexities. We have the capability to undertake soil and rock sampling for shallow and deep foundations at depths up to 200 ft by means of drill rig, including determination of N valves through SPTs. Continue Reading

Engineering Laboratory Services

ACL’s in-house testing equipment and laboratory facilities provide quality data for commercial, industrial, private and public works infrastructure projects with a high degree of confidence that subsurface anomalies are caught on the front end of a project. Continue Reading

Geotechnical Engineering

ACL provides an integrated geotechnical and foundation engineering service that assess the physical and structural properties of soil and rock, then formulate the most cost effective design options for deep and shallow foundations, pavements, slope stabilization, earthworks etc.  Continue Reading


Building & Site Investigation

When structural systems perform poorly or fail, ACL will evaluate, diagnose, and suggest repair works for a variety of structural deficiencies.  Issues addressed include: presence of hazardous conditions; safety and environmental items; utilities; accessibility; structural systems; landscape and irrigation systems; components for moisture protection; roof systems; interior finishes; fireproofing; special building elements; and mechanical and electrical systems. Continue Reading

Project & Construction Management

ACL address a full range of our clients’ project management needs tailored to provide specific construction related services for each of the project phases. Our expertise lie in the areas of pre-construction (bid), construction and post-construction phases of a project. Continue Reading

Design Build

Our design and construction teams are deeply involved in the evolution of our client’s building, from concept to final design drawings, construction application approvals, to building construction works, all working under one contract.  We work with our clients to deliver exceptional new or value engineered designs at a reasonable price, coordinating the project from start to finish. Continue Reading