Architectural Services

By July 3, 2016

Our creative and innovative architectural designs are tailored to suit the specific taste of each Client, and our ease of collaboration with our engineering department makes for a quick and seamless work production.

Our services include:

  • Producing Schematic designs:
    • We utilize the unique vision of each client and create a conceptual design which illustrates a realistic imagery to communicate the client’s vision in the form of drawings.
  • 3-Dimensional Design:
    • To complement the schematic design, 3d images and videos are also an option in providing a more realistic, in-depth view of a design.
  • Design Development & Submissions:
    • We adopt the responsibility of developing the design of the structure to conform to the set standards and formalities of the governing bodies. Following which, we submit these drawings for review to the relevant departments.
  • Contract Administration:
    • At the stage of construction, we provide representation for the client by observing the progress of construction and ensuring that it conforms to the drawings provided. In cases where modifications (as per request of the client) or detailed specifications are required for construction, we supply the relevant information.

Our design abilities include: residential housing, hotel facilities, institutional facilities (health centers, outdoor public facilities, etc), renovations and extensions.