Issue 5 – Think Value Engineering

By June 30, 2016News

value-engineeringThink Value Engineering

No one knows better that the one who holds the purse strings how quickly the cost of construction can get out of control. Suddenly your dream home, luxury condos or ultra exclusive high-end resort becomes a drain on your finances because of rising prices, poorly conceived designs or over-designed structures. While there isn’t much you can do about price there is something you can do about cost control.

It starts by a simple value engineering exercise that examines a project’s architectural, structural or civil engineering design concepts, identifying alternative approaches for satisfying the requirement of that project while lowering costs. We aren’t talking about anything that changes the functionality and main essence of a project; but rather tweaking the scope of work to find a better value for our Clients.

Our value engineering service will help our Clients to realize benefits such as improved design and quality, the best value for money spent, reduced cost or meet budgetary constraints, reduced lead time while ensuring a quality product. Value Engineering can be applied at any point in a project, even during construction. However, the earlier it is applied the higher the return on the time and effort invested.

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