Civil Engineering

ACL Civil Engineering teams provides services to both private and public sector clients. Our civil infrastructure design work has included earthworks for marine construction, engineered fill design for large scale site construction, road alignments design, bridge design, earth retaining structures, storm and waste water disposal systems, and water reticulation systems.

Services Include

  • Site Design Layout
    • Small and large scale subdivision design layout
    • Playing field design layout
    • Site grading
  • Site Grading
  • Civil Infrastructure Layout
    • Storm water drainage
    • Waste water reticulation
    • Water supply distribution
    • Telecommunications runs
  • Civil Works Structures
    • Culverts
    • Drains
  • Drainage & Erosion Control
  • Road and Highway Design
  • Bridge Design & Consulting
    • Reinforced concrete
    • Prestressed concrete
    • Composite girder
    • Steel girder
    • Steel

Earth retaining structure, road and drainage construction for Guesneau Road, St. Lucia